Next year, Freedom Prep High (FPH) and Freedom Prep Elementary (FPE) will each begin a bilingual program to educate the English Language Learner (ELL) population in Camden, New Jersey. Democracy Prep is looking for bilingual teachers to join the founding bilingual teams at FPH and FPE!

Democracy Prep is deeply committed to preparing scholars for success in the college of their choice. The Freedom Prep bilingual program is an exciting new way for Freedom to fulfill that mission. By having a curriculum and bilingual program specifically designed to educate our native Spanish speakers, we can ensure all our scholars feel prepared to be successful in college.

The key to college-ready ELLs is a robust bilingual program that is tailored to, and in turn, helps to shape bicultural and biliterate scholars. An important part of the bilingual program will be to affirm our scholars’ cultural identity and native language. We believe that being a native Spanish speaker is an asset to be nurtured and celebrated.

We endeavor to create a thriving program that is the vanguard of bilingual education in Camden, New Jersey. This type of education is much needed in this community. According to a study of ELLs in New Jersey conducted by the Migrant Policy Institute, the four year graduation rate for ELLs for the class of 2017 was 76% compared to 91% for all students. This large gap indicates that we, in the state of New Jersey, can do a better job of educating our ELL scholars.

Bilingual education in Camden is also inextricably linked to better educating students in low-income communities. The same Migrant Policy Institute study found that in New Jersey, 48% of children in low-income families had at least one parent born outside of the United States. Although low-income status and immigrant identities are not always linked, being a bilingual teacher at Freedom Prep means that your work may help to dismantle some of the systemic socio-economic and academic barriers that can lead to poverty in Camden’s immigrant communities.

Democracy Prep is looking for bilingual teachers to join its founding bilingual program team at Freedom Prep. These founding teachers will have an exciting opportunity to positively impact scholars’ lives, shape the bilingual program at FPE or FPH, and use their bilingual expertise to be a guiding voice on campus. If you or someone you know is excited by this challenge, apply now! Click here to apply to be a founding bilingual elementary school teacher. Click here to apply to be a founding bilingual high school teacher.