Over several weekends this October, scholars and staff from around our network gathered to participate in  Breast Cancer awareness walks. They carried homemade signs, wore every shade of pink they could find, and in the Bronx, brought pompoms and plans for an impromptu performance. We invited them to reflect on their shared experiences.

FullSizeRender (9)Our scholars at Democracy Prep Charter Middle School supported the participants in the Avon 39 Breast Cancer Walk in New York City.

“It was important to me because the people who have breast cancer are going through a lot and maybe with little support. So I decided I could support those people.” – Jorge M., 7th grader at Democracy Prep Charter Middle School

“It was important because the people who walked are as good as the people who try to find a cure. This means they’re saving lives as well and the least we can do is support them in not giving up on themselves and not giving up on other’s lives.” – Kamla K., 7th grader at Democracy Prep Charter Middle School

IMG_5733Our scholars at Freedom Prep Elementary raised money to donate and their teachers participated in the Making Strides Walk in Pennsauken, NJ.

“I feel great because we are a helping to find a cure for breast cancer. I found a pink that was suited for me and had a good time dressing down for it.” -Kevin D., 3rd Grade

“That day, I felt great! I am glad that we donated money to the people who have breast cancer and that the teachers walked to show support for everybody that has breast cancer. I think it would be great if we visited people with cancer and help even more.” -NaCiah B., 3rd Grade

“Our scholars at FPE have made me so proud! Their compassion for others made our Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer Awareness a huge success, raising a grand total $171.10. Their generous donation was added to the funds raised by teachers, family, and friends who participated in the Making Strides Walk on Sunday.” -Carlie Fitzgerald, Teacher and Civics Coordinator

Our scholars and staff in the Bronx raised money and cheered on participants for the Breast Cancer Society walk in the Bronx.

breastcancer_walk“Our varsity cheerleaders, Coach McEachern, Coach Levy and I boarded a school bus headed to Orchard Beach for the Breast Cancer Society Walk. It was cold but our cheerleaders were full of excitement and enthusiasm!

Upon reaching our destination, the cheerleaders hovered together and came out chanting, “You are a survivor, you are going to make it!” while waving their pink and white pom poms in the air. We also shared words of encouragement with them, and serenaded them with a song.

We want to say, thank you to the Breast Cancer Society for inviting us to participate for the last 8 years! We raised $1,105.00 in school and online.”-Sandra Waddell, Registrar and Cheerleading Coach at Bronx Prep Middle School