Welcome to Bryn Mawr!

Our scholars start visiting colleges and universities very early in their Democracy Prep education, but it is always a special occasion when DP alumni get to show off their schools!

Recently, several scholars from Democracy Prep Freedom Prep High School got a small taste of college life through visiting Democracy Prep Charter High alumni, and current Bryn Mawr College freshman, Massendie, Anita, and Farida at their campus in Pennsylvania. We spoke with the “Bryn Mawr Girls” to learn more about all of the fun that was had on the trip!

Democracy Prep: Was it exciting to have scholars visit from Democracy Prep?

Massendie: I was super excited to have scholars visit BMC because it was nice to show the end result of attending a school like Democracy Prep. Although the majority of the college visit was to show off our amazing campus, it was also important for us to show the Freedom Prep scholars how the DREAM BIG values that DP implemented in us helped us get to where we are today.

Anita: I remember when I would go and visit the first graduating class and look at their colleges and say “One day that is going to be me.” Now a few years later, I am the one who is giving the tours and explaining the college process to my fellow DP peers. I am now the one who is passing along the information, love and encouragement that they need. So it feels great to give back.

DP: How did you feel at the beginning of the trip?

Farida: At the beginning of the trip, I was really nervous. I fell in love with Bryn Mawr my first time visiting and wished that the scholars would also fall in love with my new home. I wasn’t sure on what to expect with the visit, it was our first time planning such visit on our own and I wanted everything to be perfect.

DP: What were you most excited to show the scholars on their trip?

Anita: I think personally it was very important to make sure that these students see the independence and responsibilities that you have to take on when you become a college student. So for them to witness it first-hand would make it easier for them to understand the inner discipline that they have to sustain in order for them to be successful. So, I was beyond excited to show the students where they would be in a few years if they continue to work hard and persevere through their years at FPH.

View Pictures From The Trip

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DP: What types of questions did the scholars have for you?

Anita: They wanted to know, “Do you live on campus or do you commute here every day? Are you in college by yourself? Do you enjoy being in college? Is college work hard? Why did you choose a women’s school?

DP: How did you feel at the end of the trip??

Massendie: I felt really satisfied and happy by the end of the trip because my goal was to have at least one of the girls say “I might want to attend Bryn Mawr.” Instead, three of the girls came up to me saying, “I love Bryn Mawr. I’m really considering applying.”

Farida: The scholars have a lot of energy and we need the energy to finish finals week and they helped us get even more enthusiastic about everything. I was really happy that we all enjoyed the visit and the scavenger hunt.