GOTV lesson

Scholars of all ages at Freedom Prep in Camden learn in the same building, but it’s rare for students of different grade levels to cross paths. However, in recent months, a few high school scholars have journeyed down to the third floor as tutors and guest teachers.

In October, in preparation for the Get Out The Vote campaign, a group of Freedom Prep High scholars guest taught a lesson on the importance of the GOTV movement which challenges Democracy Prep scholars to get out in their communities to encourage their neighbors to vote.

One of those scholars, ninth-grader Destinee W., said that the group turned to their teachers and the elementary school principals for advice on how to have a successful lesson.

“They told us that in order for things to go smoothly, we should practice in front of each other the way we expect to present to the younger scholars,” Destinee said. “It is expected that we use a light, bubbly, and exciting tone to keep everyone interested and entertained on the topic.”

The group lead the lesson by asking review question and taking questions from the young scholars.

“Overall, I feel as though I was able to learn from the experience and receive information that I will be able to use in my future mentoring session for younger scholars,” Destinee said.

Kevin S., also a ninth-grade scholar at Freedom Prep High has been volunteering to tutor
in the elementary school. He’s been helping the young scholars with their school work, and also working with scholars to help them improve their attitude by talking to them about any problems they may be facing.

Tutoring, Kevin said, has allowed him to realize that he can have a positive impact on the younger scholars. “I’m like a mentor to them,” he said. “I’ve found that sometimes the younger scholars just need a little motivation and someone to talk to.”