FPH Visit To Bryn Mawr 5Our scholars at Democracy Prep Freedom Prep have been learning on the go as they have embarked on local, international, and national college trips over the last month.

Several scholars from Freedom Prep High took a trip to Bryn Mawr College to visit three Democracy Prep Charter High alums who are freshman at the women’s liberal arts school that is located within miles of Philadelphia, PA.

Freedom Prep Middle eighth grade scholars headed north of the United States border on a multi-cities trip to Canada.FPM_Canada

First, the scholars made a pit-stop at Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont, where they were able to visit the ice cream graveyard of retired flavors, says Kaitlin McCann, a Leader U fellow at FPM.

After experiencing going through customs, the scholars were able to take in the sights in Canada including a visit to the Parliament building in Ottawa, a jet boat tour, maple syrup stands in Montreal, and a caving tour in Arbraska.

“The scholars were able to see a lot of things they haven’t seen before,” says McCann. Including sampling “Poutine,” a classic Canadian dish traditionally composed of thick, crispy French fries, cheese curds, and a brown gravy.

“Some of them thought it was wonderful once they took off the cheese,” she says.


Not to be outdone by the upperclassmen, first-grade scholars at Freedom Prep Elementary visited Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville, NJ where they learned about the farm and visited with the animals.